A good frame will significantly enhance the look of a painting or print. The quality lies in the materials chosen and the frame that is used. So, what do you look for when it’s time to frame your artwork? Affordability, quality of work and a guarantee are just three very important factors to consider. Below are the steps we can assist you with for the final framing process:


  • Usually, the composition is predetermined when the artwork is purchased
  • In some cases though, the artwork needs to be trimmed or cropped


  • Mattings are coloured cards that are placed around the artwork
  • In most cases, matting around the artwork tends to give new life to the painting
  • Make sure you play around with different colours and textures for your best results


  • When it’s time to choose the frame, using sample corners is an easy way of deciding
  • Make sure to view the artwork from many different angles to see if it is the right fit


  • We can help you determine if glass if right for the piece you would like to frame
  • Glass is essential but ultimately in the end the choice is yours


  • A method that protects your artwork from dust, light, humidity and acid
  • This process uses 100% acid-free matting, mounting boards, and UV glass or acrylic
  • Though more costly, in the end it improves the longevity of your artwork immensely

Before you pay for your framed artwork, be sure to check it over carefully. You should be absolutely satisfied with the work or request changes be made. Some framing shops offer a guarantee on the framing job. Enquire as to what their guarantees offer and in the end you will be satisfied.